BUX Zero review & experiences

At BUX Zero, you can invest in stocks & ETFs without any commissions. In this extensive review, I will discuss my experiences with the trading platform of BUX Zero.

Do you want to try out BUX Zero for yourself? Open an account at BUX Zero now and receive a free share worth up to €200:

CharacteristicBUX Zero
PromotionFree share up to €200
Minimum deposit€1
OfferStocks, ETF, crypto
Deposit fundsTikki, bank transfer
Cost€0 zero order €1 normal order

What are the main advantages of BUX Zero?

  • BUX Zero is very user-friendly & accessible
  • With a zero order, you can trade without commissions
  • BUX Zero is reliable and is registered with the AFM
  • The BUX customer service can also be reached by phone

What are the main disadvantages of BUX Zero?

  • The analysis possibilities are limited
  • The number of stocks & ETFs is limited
  • Exchanging euros into dollars is expensive
  • BUX Zero can lend out your securities

What is BUX Zero?

BUX Zero is a unique type of broker: at BUX, you can only invest by using a mobile phone. BUX was allready founded in 2014 as a CFD platform. In 2019, they released BUX Zero which offers commission free trading. BUX is active in several European countries.

BUX Zero claims to offer free trading: in practice, this promise is not always fulfilled, but BUX is one of the cheapest brokers on the market. Moreover, unlike many comparable competitors, BUX is supervised by the AFM, and they are registered with the Financial Services Complaints Institute (KIFID).

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How does investing with BUX Zero work?

We start the review with a brief description of the BUX platform. After reading this part of the review, you will know how to receive your free share & you can get started with trading.

Before you can start using BUX, you must first open an account. This can be done by clicking here. Since BUX is a mobile broker, you will need to download the application first. Then you can open an account by providing your password and email address.

Since BUX is under the supervision of the AFM, they have to adhere to the European regulations. Before you can start investing with BUX, you will have to confirm your identity. After this tedious job, you can start investing with BUX. Don’t forget to deposit money into your account first: after you have done this, you will normally receive your free share on the same day.

There are three different order types at BUX, which we will discuss briefly.

Orders at BUX

Zero order

The most unique type of order at BUX is the zero order. With a zero order, you can invest in shares or ETFs without any commission. Your order is only executed at the end of the trading day, which means that you have little influence on the price at which your shares are bought or sold. This makes the Zero order less useful for active traders, but an interesting option for long term investors.

Market order

With a market order, your shares are bought at the best available price at that moment.

Limit order

With a limit order, you can set a price at which you automatically buy or sell a stock. When this price is not available, your order will not be executed.

Buying your first share

When you want to buy a stock, simply select it within the application. Then fill in how many shares you want to buy and press the buy button. Buying and selling shares within the BUX application is easy.

BUX buy stock

[alert color=”blue”] Tip: Want to read in more detail how BUX works? Then read our extensive BUX Zero manual.[/alert]

How much does investing at BUX Zero cost?

Most people open an account at BUX Zero because of its low costs. In this part of the review, we will discuss how much investing at BUX Zero actually costs. Take a look at the table to compare costs:

Transaction costsETF'sEuropean stocksAmerican stocks
Zero order€0€0-
Limit order€1€1€0
Market order€1€1€0

US stocks

It seems attractive on paper: trading in US stocks without commissions. However, please note that BUX charges 0.25% for the exchange of euros into dollars. This means that the costs can mount up considerably if you trade a lot in US shares.


At BUX, you can also automatically invest in ETFs: they call this an investment plan. For €1 per month, you can buy a basket of ETFs every month. This allows you to spread your investments across multiple ETFs at very low costs.

The spread

Pay attention to the spread: this is the difference between the buy- and sell price of a stock. When the spread increases, your transaction costs increase. Many investors forget to pay attention to the spread when investing.


At BUX, it is also possible to invest in cryptocurrencies. If you buy enough BUX tokens (1000), you will not pay any commission on the buying and selling of cryptos. If you don’t have enough tokens, you will pay 0.5% on each transaction. In this article, you can read how this works.

Is BUX Zero cheap?

BUX is not always free, but it is actually one of the cheapest brokers in every situation. You will never pay more than €1 in transaction fees for European shares and ETFs. Only on American shares, you have to be careful when investing with large amounts, because the exchange rates can be quite high.

Would you like to read in more detail what the costs at BUX are? Then read this article.

Reliability BUX Zero

Brokers who offer ‘free investing’ don’t always have a good reputation. We have extensively researched the reliability of BUX.


It is a good sign that BUX is under the supervision of the AFM. Many malicious brokers make use of foreign regulators, as they are less strict. Moreover, because BUX has a Kifid registration, you can always start a complaints’ procedure in case of any problems. These are good signs for the reliability of BUX.


BUX is also doing well in terms of security. Because customer deposits are held on ABN AMRO accounts, they fall under the deposit guarantee scheme. Your money is safe up to an amount of €100,000. Under the investment scheme, your investments are also guaranteed up to €20,000.

Luckily, these guarantees will not be needed quickly in the event of bankruptcy: the assets of customers are stored within a separate foundation which creditors cannot touch.

Conclusion reliability

BUX Zero is clearly not a scam! BUX is a reliable, European broker that complies with all local laws. Do you want to read in more detail about the reliability of BUX? Then read this article.

The BUX Zero trading platform

At BUX Zero, you can only use the mobile trading platform. The biggest advantage of the BUX mobile application is that it is very user-friendly: buying a stock was never so easy.

However, don’t expect too many bells and whistles within BUX Zero’s platform: you can’t do much more than buy stocks and ETFs with it. If you’re a more advanced trader looking for more extensive features, BUX Zero probably isn’t the best choice.

BUX trading platform

Analysis capabilities BUX

The analysis possibilities within BUX are very limited. Per share, you can request some basic information such as the price, dividend information and a brief description of the company.

The charts within the application are very basic: you can see the price action, but it’s not possible to execute more complex analysis. You will also not find any in-depth analyses of the companies in which you can invest within the application. In my experience, the analysis possibilities of BUX are therefore disappointing.

What is a plus, however, is that every week, BUX looks ahead to the most important news items of the coming week. BUX uses articles and video to explain financial news under the name BUX broadcast. This information is also accessible for investors with limited financial knowledge.

BUX broadcast

The offer at BUX

Some brokers offer thousands of investment instruments to choose from: this is clearly not the case with BUX. At BUX you can only invest in well-known European & American stocks, ETFs and a handful of cryptos.

This can be advantageous for beginning investors, who quickly get lost in a sea of possibilities. However, if you are looking for a specific, smaller share, you often won’t find it within the BUX application. The offer could therefore be a bit more extensive, especially when it comes to ETFs.

BUX Zero customer service

A big advantage within this review is BUX Zero’s customer service. You can reach them both by phone and via chat in your language. I used the chat service: I always got a quick and clear answer. Uniquely, you can also call BUX, this gives BUX Zero an extra sense of reliability. The BUX customer service is available between 9:00 and 22:00.

Withdrawing & depositing money

Withdrawing and depositing money is easy within the BUX application. Before you can deposit money, you will need to go through the account verification process.

Depositing money can be done via iDEAL, credit card, open banking and bank transfer. If you live in the Netherlands, you can also deposit money using a Tikki, which allows you to pay through a WhatsApp message. The minimum deposit is €50, so you can also start with a small amount. In most cases, the money will be deposited directly into your investment account after payment. In this article you can read more about depositing money to your BUX account.

Deposit money BUX

Withdrawing money can be done via bank transfer. It takes up to 5 days before the money arrives at your bank account, but in practice this often happens much faster. The minimum amount you can withdraw is €10, and it is only possible to have your money paid to an account that is registered in the same name as the investment account. In this article, you can read more about withdrawing money at BUX.

Withdraw money BUX

Withdrawing and depositing money at BUX is 100% free, which is a positive point within this review. BUX does not charge any hidden fees.

My experiences with BUX Zero

My experiences with BUX Zero are good: I would definitely recommend the application to anyone who wants to get acquainted with investing. Since the application is user-friendly and because it’s possible to invest (almost) for free, I prefer BUX when I want to buy a certain share with a small amount of money. Do you also want to gain experience with BUX Zero? Click here to open an account & receive a share worth up to €200!

Frequently Asked Questions

You can use the BUX Zero application for free, and by using zero orders you also pay no commissions on your transactions. However, you do pay 0.25% to exchange euros into dollars, which means that for American shares you still pay costs indirectly. Also, don’t forget the spread. In this article, you can read in more detail to what extent BUX Zero is really free.
BUX Zero is 100% legal in the Netherlands. The broker is registered with an official regulator: the AFM. The office of BUX is located in the Netherlands, which are all good signs for the reliability of BUX. In this article, we will examine in more detail how reliable BUX is.
BUX Zero is in my experience a reliable party. BUX is supervised by the AFM and is affiliated to Kifid, so your complaints will be heard. Moreover, your assets are in bank accounts of the ABN AMRO, so you are also protected in case BUX would go bankrupt.
BUX Zero is one of the cheapest brokers you can trade with. With zero orders, you pay no commissions and market orders and limit orders are also available at a low price: you never pay more than €1 per transaction. Furthermore, you can also invest in ETFs cheaply at BUX: for €1 per month, you can invest in a selection of ETFs on a monthly basis.
BUX Zero is suitable for anyone who wants to invest in European & American shares or ETFs at low rates. Since BUX is only available for the mobile phone, BUX Zero is less suitable for professional investors who want to perform complex analyses.
For many people, it sounds too good to be true: a free share when you open an account. BUX even goes a step further: when you invite friends, you can receive another ten free shares. For BUX, this is a clever incentive: they hope that you will continue to invest with them. In the long run they earn the costs of the free shares back.
BUX Zero gives away free shares to attract new customers. After all, free shares sell well and many people keep investing with BUX after they received the free stock. In the long term, BUX earns back this free share.
Before you receive your free share, you need to follow some simple steps. Open an account at BUX and verify your identity. After you have done this, you need to deposit a minimum of €50 on your account. It is not obligatory to invest with the €50 afterwards. The stock will normally be added to your account at the end of the day. In this article, you can read in more detail how the free shares action works.
BUX Zero adds dividends to your account that companies pay out. As soon as BUX receives the money on its account, it is directly credited to your account. The taxes due are first deducted from the dividend you receive.
The earnings model of BUX Zero is similar to that of other brokers: they make money on the transaction costs. When you open a market order or limit order on a share or ETF at BUX, you’ll pay €1. BUX also charges costs for exchanging euros into dollars: 0.25%. When many people use BUX Zero, they constantly earn money from this, which can add up considerably. In this article, we discuss the earnings model of BUX Zero in more detail.
According to the terms, BUX Zero is allowed to lend out your shares. This is common with online brokers: they can generate extra income, so they do not need to charge you service costs. Lending out stocks does come with a small risk, since you are no longer the legal owner of the stock.

BUX Zero review conclusion

BUX Zero is a user-friendly and accessible mobile broker. At BUX, you can trade in well-known American & European stocks and some ETFs at low rates. This makes BUX an interesting option for investors who want to invest with a small amount. However, the limited analysis possibilities make BUX less suitable for professional investors.

Would you like to try the possibilities yourself? Then request your free share with BUX:

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