What are the advantages of BUX?

Are you curious about the biggest advantages of the broker BUX Zero? In this article, we will discuss the 8 biggest advantages of investing with BUX.

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Advantage 1: free stock

A big advantage of BUX Zero is that as a new user, you will receive a free share with a value of €1 to €200. The only thing you need to do is to open an account and deposit a minimum of €50. It is not necessary to make an investment afterwards.

Do you also want to receive a free share? Use the button below to open an account with BUX right away:

Advantage 2: sometimes free trading

BUX is very accessible for investors who want to invest with a small amount of money. When you use the right type of order, you can trade stocks and ETFs 100% commission-free.

With a zero order, you don’t pay the fixed €1 cost per transaction. However, this does come with a disadvantage: zero orders are only executed at the end of the day. Because of this, your purchase costs could turn out to be either lower or higher than expected.

Advantage 3: low costs

BUX is one of the cheapest brokers in Europe. As we already showed, it’s possible to trade stocks and ETFs for free with zero orders. If you want to use a normal market order or limit order, you pay a fixed amount of €1. This is very little compared to the competition! Read more about BUX’s cost structure here.

Advantage 4: user-friendly platform

Another advantage of BUX Zero is the user-friendly, mobile platform that you use to trade. The design of the application is charming and colourful, and even without any financial knowledge you’ll quickly learn what you need to do to open a trade.

Beware: the BUX application looks like a game, but investing is not a game. You can lose money investing.

Benefit 5: Reliable party

BUX Zero is a reliable party. This originally Dutch broker is active throughout Europe and is supervised by the AFM. The AFM or Financial Markets Authority ensures that brokers comply with the applicable rules.

BUX Zero also falls under the deposit guarantee scheme, which means that your deposits are protected up to €100,000 in the event of a possible bankruptcy. Do you want to read in more detail how reliable BUX is? Then read this article!

Benefit 6: Good customer service

A big advantage of BUX Zero is the easily accessible customer service. Within the mobile application you can send a chat message which usually gets a quick response. It’s also possible to contact BUX by phone. This is a good thing: nowadays at many brokers it’s not possible to speak to someone on the phone.

Benefit 7: interesting background information

Within the application, you will regularly find captivating background information and analyses. BUX places intriguing news items and updates within the application, so you can follow the latest stock market developments. This way, you can always respond cleverly to the latest developments within the markets.

Advantage 8: automatic investing possible

Not everyone has time to constantly update their portfolio. Fortunately, at BUX Zero, it is possible to automatically invest in ETFs. You can automatically invest a fixed amount every month in a selection of ETFs. You decide how many you buy: one or dozens. The great thing is that you’ll never pay more than €1 in transaction costs per month when you invest automatically.

The main advantages summed up

  • You receive a free share when you open an account
  • Zero orders allow you to trade stocks & ETFs without commissions
  • Normal market orders and limit orders are also cheap
  • The BUX platform is very user-friendly & accessible
  • BUX Zero is a reliable party which is supervised by the AFM
  • Customer service is good and can be reached by phone
  • You can find interesting background information within the application
  • You can automatically invest in ETFs with the application

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