How can you receive a free share at BUX Zero?

At BUX Zero, you can receive multiple shares 100% for free. In this article, we’ll discuss how to receive a free stock instantly and we’ll explore whether there’s a catch.

Claim your free share now

  • Step 1: open an account with BUX by clicking on this link.
  • Step 2: verify your account so you can trade
  • Step 3: deposit a minimum amount of 50 euros
  • Step 4: after approval, you will receive a free share

Is the stock really free?

The stock that you receive at BUX Zero after opening an account is really completely free. What you do need to do is verify your account and make a deposit. You don’t have to buy or sell shares. You can withdraw the money on your account whenever you want and you will still receive your free share.

Would you like to receive more shares?

It is possible to receive even more free stocks at BUX. You can share your sign-up link with your friends. If your friends also open an account and deposit money, you’ll receive another free share. The maximum number of free shares you can receive is ten: if you are lucky you can earn up to €2000 for referring your friends.


How much is the stock worth?

The free stocks are allocated at random at BUX Zero. Your share can be worth between €1 and €200.

Why does BUX give away free shares?

BUX Zero gives away free stocks to attract customers. They hope that after you’ve opened an account, you’ll be so excited about their platform that you’ll start investing there too. BUX earns money when you trade a lot of stocks.

Of course, not everyone who requests a free share will start investing with BUX. This is not a problem for this broker: they already take this into account. When one out of ten users invests, they can still make a profit in the long run.

Can you sell the free share?

You can sell the free share at any time! It is therefore advisable to carefully examine how the company of which you have received a free stock is doing. If you have confidence in the company, you can hold on to the stock in the hope that it will become more valuable in the future. Do you doubt the company will grow further? Then you can sell the share and convert it into cash.

Are there any hidden conditions?

Fortunately, there is no catch. As BUX is under supervision of the AFM, they can’t just change the conditions. In this case free means really free. You can decide for yourself what you do with the stock and there are no further conditions attached to it.

When will you receive the free share?

You will receive the free share between 15:45 and 22:00 between Monday and Friday. If your deposit was made before this time, you usually receive the free stock the same afternoon. If you still haven’t received your free stock after a few days, you can contact customer support for assistance.

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