Is investing with BUX Zero really free?

BUX advertises free investing everywhere, but is BUX Zero really free? In this article, we examine whether there are any hidden costs when you trade with BUX.

Is BUX Zero free?

You can indeed trade without commissions at BUX Zero:

  • Zero orders on European shares are 100% commission free
  • Withdrawing money and receiving dividends are free of charge.
  • You pay no monthly fees or commissions

Do you want to try BUX Zero yourself? Open an account with the button below and receive a free share worth up to €200:

Are stocks free at BUX?

European shares

You can trade European shares completely for free when you use a Zero order. This does have one disadvantage: a Zero Order is only executed at the end of the trading day. This gives you less control over your investment, and the costs could turn out to be higher (or lower) than expected.

If you want to buy European stocks directly, you will have to pay €1 per transaction.

US stocks

It seems like investing in US stocks is always free: you don’t pay any commissions on market orders and limit orders.

On this subject, BUX is a bit sneaky: they do charge transaction costs for exchanging euros into dollars. The costs for exchanging euros into dollars amount to 0.25%: this can make your transaction costs rise, especially when you open many positions on American stocks.

Are ETFs free?

You can’t invest in ETFs for free: you pay €1 per order. However, you can invest in ETFs very cheaply automatically. You can then select multiple ETFs in which you will invest on a monthly basis. All your investments in these ETFs will then only cost you €1.

Are cryptos free?

You normally pay a 0.5% transaction fee when you trade cryptos at BUX. These transaction fees can drop to 0% when you buy a minimum of 1000 BUX tokens.

Is a BUX account free?

Your account at BUX is always 100% free. You don’t pay any fees for holding your account or for depositing & withdrawing money. This is neat: many commission-free brokers charge hidden fees.

The spread

Don’t forget the spread when you start trading. Even when you buy and sell stocks without commissions, you still have to deal with the difference between the buying and selling price of a stock.

Especially when there is a lot of trading going on, this difference can be substantial. These transaction fees do not go to BUX, but arise because there is not a perfect balance between the number of buyers and sellers on the stock exchange.

Is the free share really free?

Fortunately, the free share that you receive when you open an account at BUX is 100% free. In this article, we answer all your questions about this special offer.

Free = free

Under certain conditions, you can actually trade stocks at BUX without fixed commissions. This is interesting if you trade with small amounts. However, not all functions are for free and for exchanging currencies you’ll have to pay money as well. Therefore, you should pay close attention to the costs of the different possibilities when you get started at BUX.

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