What can you invest in at BUX Zero?

Are you curious about the investment products you can invest in at BUX Zero? In this article, we will discuss what you can invest in at this broker.

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Investing in stocks at BUX Zero

You can trade stocks from the following countries at BUX Zero:

  • Dutch stocks
  • German shares
  • Belgian shares
  • French shares
  • Austrian shares
  • US stocks

At BUX you’ll mainly find well-known stocks, but also some lesser known stocks. The offered stocks at BUX is a lot less extensive than at many other brokers. When you want to invest in a less known stock, BUX Zero isn’t always the best option.

Investing in ETFs at BUX Zero

It is also possible to invest in various ETFs at BUX Zero. The most well-known ETFs are available at BUX: think for example of the Vanguard S&P500 and various All-World indexes.

The low transaction fees make investing in ETFs at BUX interesting: for €1 you can invest in dozens of different ETFs every month. Click here to examine the costs of investing with BUX in more detail.

Investing in crypto at BUX

It is also possible to invest in a handful of cryptocurrencies at BUX. When you buy the BUX token, you also pay no transaction fees when you buy and sell cryptos. For trading cryptos, I would personally recommend Bitvavo because of the lower transaction fees. Click here & discover the possibilities.

Conclusion trading possibilities at BUX

The offered investment products at BUX are not very extensive, but you can find the best known-ones. The shares and ETFs that are included at BUX have sufficient liquidity and are well-known. This makes investing with BUX accessible for new users. If you’re looking for a broader range of investment products, you could try a desktop broker.