How to open an account at BUX Zero?

Creating an account at BUX Zero is easy! In this short guide, we will show you how to register an account quickly.

Step 1: sign up for free

BUX Zero is only available on the mobile phone. Therefore, to use BUX Zero, you must first download the free application.

When you open an account using the button on this website, you will receive a free stock worth up to €200. Use the button below to open an account right away:

Step 2: fill in your details

To create a BUX Zero account, you only need to enter your email address in the first instance. You will then receive a verification link which you can use to confirm your account.

Step 3: Entering more data

BUX is under supervision of the AFM and operates according to European rules & laws. BUX therefore needs to gather sufficient information about its clients. For example, you will have to share your address details before you can get started with BUX.

Step 4: verify your account

Before you can start trading with BUX you will need to verify your account. You will need to upload a copy of your identification document. You’ll also need to upload proof of your address and answer some questions about the origin of your assets.

Step 5: deposit money and start investing

Your account is now fully opened! All you have to do now is make a deposit into your account, and you can start trading right away. In this article you can read in more detail how to deposit money to your BUX Zero account.

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