Is BUX a scam?

Before you open an account at BUX, you might be wondering if this broker is a scam. In this article, we will investigate whether BUX is a scam!

Is BUX a scam?

Our research has shown that BUX Zero is not a scam. You can invest in stocks & ETFs at low rates at BUX Zero. Your money will be paid out as usual when you submit a withdrawal request.

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Why BUX is not a scam

  • BUX Zero is under the supervision of the AFM
  • Customer assets are kept separately in a foundation
  • The money on your BUX account is safe up to €100,000
  • Customer service is also available by phone
  • The company is located within the European Union

Our research in detail

We have investigated BUX Zero extensively to determine whether it is a scam. BUX Zero is under the supervision of the AFM or in full Autoriteit Financiële Markten. This Dutch regulator sees to it that brokers stick to strict rules, which is a good sign for the reliability of BUX.

It’s also a good sign that BUX Zero is based in the European Union. The company’s customer support team can be contacted quickly via both live chat and telephone.

Moreover, the company has taken sufficient measures to ensure that your money is safe. When you deposit money, it is stored on an ABN AMRO account. This bank falls under the deposit guarantee system, which means that your assets are protected up to an amount of €100,000 in the event of a bankruptcy. In addition, the balances of customers are stored in separate accounts.

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