What is BUX Zero?

BUX Zero is an accessible & user-friendly mobile application that allows you to invest in stocks and ETFs at low costs. In this article, we will discuss in detail what BUX is.

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What is BUX Zero?

With BUX Zero, you can invest in European and American shares without paying any commissions. You can do this by using a zero order: BUX combines all orders from clients and executes them at the end of the day.

It is also possible at BUX to execute market orders and limit orders on stocks and ETFs at low rates (€1 per trade). It’s even possible to trade ETFs on autopilot with a fixed amount at BUX Zero.

Who is BUX Zero suitable for?

BUX Zero mainly focuses on new investors with their user-friendly and accessible application. The application is easy to use and because of the low transaction costs it is also possible to invest in stocks with a small amount of money.

If you don’t mind investing with your mobile phone, BUX Zero is also suitable for long-term investors. The low transaction fees can save you a lot of money. However, beware; for trading in US stocks, there are quite high charges for exchanging euros into dollars. In our article about the costs of investing with BUX you can read in more detail how high these costs are.

Where is BUX Zero located?

BUX Zero is located in Amsterdam at the Plantage Middenlaan 62. BUX Zero is available in multiple European countries. Because BUX is based in Europe, you can be sure that they follow all the regulations. In this article you can read in more detail about the reliability of BUX Zero.

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